and how to have them

Outstanding 97.3% Success rate. 
Copyrighted Hypnosis Program by Roger W. Hunter (Dip C. Hyp.)  

This site contains information on how to achieve orgasms naturally through the use of self hypnosis. Anorgasmia




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ORGASMS and HOW to Have Them

New Breakthrough with Self Hypnosis

Over 20% of both men and women experience anorgasmia; not being able to experience orgasm. If you have no physical medical reason for being unable to Orgasm, then both the cause and answer lies within your subconscious mind.

The good news is that anorgasmia can now be overcome with a new breakthrough in Hypnosis.


An outstanding 97.3% success rate for both men and women who -

  • Never had an orgasm.
  • No longer able to achieve an Orgasm.
  • Orgasms are not as intense as they once were.

The cause.

The cause is a resistance or blockage within your subconscious mind that you are more than likely unaware of. If this is your experience, you will know the very frustrated feelings that you have. You may still have orgasms, but they maybe not quite as deep or intense as they once were.
How it Works


“ I saw her tears running a beautiful and sweet smile,
crying and laughing at the same time, while she was still shaking from the orgasm. I can imagine how she felt as it was the first time... kind of a heartquake of sensations....
And more than this, it happened after less than five minutes I was playing with her, and two more times after that..

Roger, I'm here to tell you that she clearly told me she now feels to be woman, not only a kid any more, to tell you that I'd sincerely like to shake your hand and say Thank You in front of you.
You gave us the key Roger, the most sincere and deep thanks, from both."
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G B, Rome, Italy



Hypnotherapist and councilor of over 20 years Roger W. Hunter (Dyp.C.Hyp.), has developed this new copyrighted hypnotic program.


This amazingly successful program is helping both men and women, w
ho have never had an orgasm, are no longer able to achieve one, or whose orgasms are not as intense as they once were. His copyrighted technique is based on his years of research into sexual dysfunction and the causes. He believes that the wonders and power of Hypnosis in helping people to overcome personal sexual blockages has yet to be fully appreciated. Read More >> Program Cost >>

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New Breakthrough with hypnosis

The good news is that this new breakthrough hypnotic program works by releasing this resistance unlocking the block and allow you to experience Orgasm in your most personally satisfying and intimate way.

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